Online Coders, what is the deal

This group is, We can help you find to post ur projects for the best fitment of programmers and your projects over our website to meet best solutions for the seeking customers, Web Designers and Copywriters. Outsource projects to India any other country.we are going to provide the best business enivironment of IT projects and outsourcing programs and we are a group of IT professionals We can offer websites n softwares and graphic designers and web templetes. We, IT service providers, you can choose/post many projects.

You are most welcome here. Let us share ideas, doubts and many more in the king of programming languages.

For FAQs, see the thread:

* You will find Developer , Coder, Designer, Stylist, Scripter , Flasher & SEO
* specialists You will be able to post as many tasks as you want, these tasks could be in any Programming language and it will be our responsibility to get it done,
* You will have 30 hours added to your account monthly ,
* Online 24/7 customer support from our american partner.
* Online 24/7 coders working at our offices.

What else would you need to create a successful online

We specialize in the following work:

We have hundreds of available coders at this rate in the following skills
o Flash

* Programming
o JS
o Flash Action Script


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