How to write a love letter

Love, they say is in the air and don’t you feel you would love tell them in simple words how special they make you feel? It might get embarrassing talking about it, but imagine their pleasure when you pop them a love letter. Here are some tips that will make any love note extra special.


Take some time off, clear the clutter in your mind and concentrate on the person you love. You will be amazed to know that there are several things which you took for granted from your partner. It can be anything -as mundane as a smile you both shared after cleaning out the cupboard to being a moral support during a crisis. Once you are clear what all you would write to your love, you can really get started.


Start the note by sweet endearments – my dearest sounds quite right in this context. Of course, if you are in a long term relationship, there might be nick names you have for each other. Every thing goes, as long as it speaks about the commitment you have.


Once you are through with this, tell them about those special occasions which made all the difference to you. Make the words come from deep within the heart, the message, will then be loud and clear. Tell them how special they make you feel. In simple terms just open up and spill your heart out and do not be timid.


The main body of the letter could involve things like what made you love your partner, the things you have in common – or you don’t, the special moments you have shared, and what makes every day you spend with them special. There is a catch though, don’t go overboard with the praise, if you have some resentment; make it clear, in a sweet way.


End it on a positive note. It is just fine to talk about all those future plans you have with your partner. And don’t forget to profess your love.


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