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World's 10 Worst cities for IT pros


Ever wondered which are the worst cities for techies? Cities which don't provide an ideal work environment for IT pros. CIO recently released a list of 10 cities that it thinks IT pros should avoid.
Here's over to the worst cities for IT pros.

Linfen, China

Situated along the banks of Fen River, Linfen in China tops the list of worst cities for IT pros.
The city also tops the Times' list of most polluted cities in the world with more than 3,000,000 people potentially affected due to automobile and industrial emissions. The city also figures among the world's ten dirtiest cities.
According to reports, Linfen residents are at high risk of skin diseases and lung cancer. With high levels of sulfur dioxide in the air, the city pays the price of China's high dependence on coal. China sources 70% of its energy requirements from coal.

Mexico City, Mexico

At No 2 on the worst cities list is Mexico's capital Mexico City. With an estimated population of 8.84 million as of 2009, the city is most densely populated in the country.
Also the largest city in Mexico, Mexico City is plagued by issues like high-level of pollution, noise and violence. Organized crime, drug abuse and alcoholism are some of the other factors that earns the city a place among the worst destinations for IT pros.

McMurdo Station, Antarctica

American Antarctic research center, McMurdo Station, located on the southern tip of Ross Island in Antarctica is at No. 3 on the worst cities list.
The largest community in Antarctica, McMurdo Station's summer population reaches 1,000 while the winter population swells to about 250. Though the station needs IT support, software training and a 24×7 help desk, but the freezing temperature is the biggest deterrent for IT pros.

Beijing, China

The capital city of China, Beijing, is at No. 4 on the worst cities for IT pros list.
China's second largest city, after Shanghai, Beijing figures among cities with worst traffic congestion globally. With over 17 million population, the city faces problem of high pollution, smog and degradation of natural resources.
The report also cites recent incident of Google threatening to pull out of China due to censorship and allegations of government hacking into systems of IT companies as issues.

Jakarta, Indonesia

The capital city of Indonesia Jakarta ranks at No. 5 on the worst cities for IT pros. The report quotes research from ORC Worldwide (a global human resources firm) that ranks Jakarta as the No. 2 riskiest place for workers.
According to, other issues that puts Jakarta among worst cities are pollution, disease and sanitation, lack of medical facilities, political violence and repression and crime.
The ORC report quotes, "The threat of violence, from Islamic extremists in particular, is a serious drawback to living here."

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Next worst city for IT pros is the capital city of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh that ranks at No. 6.
According to a survey by ORC Worldwide and BusinessWeek, Riyadh faces problem of political violence and repression, political and social environment.
The report says, "The possibility of a terrorist attack is an ongoing threat, while wide-ranging restrictions on dress, movement, conduct, food, alcohol, travel and communications limit expatriate life."

Mumbai, India

India's financial capital Mumbai too figures among the worst cities for techies.
Ranked as the seventh worst city for IT pros, Mumbai gets this dubious distinction for its high rate of pollution, disease & sanitation, infrastructure, political violence, climate and medical facilities.
According to, other issues that makes Mumbai part of the list is worst slums, traffic jams and security issues.

Nairobi, Kenya

Next worst city for IT pros is the capital city of Kenya, Nairobi which ranks at No 8.
The city's share of problems include: Crime, infrastructure, disease & sanitation, political violence & repression, and social environment.
According to ORC Worldwide research, "Violent crime is a significant drawback and shortages of water and electricity can be a challenge in Nairobi."


At No. 9 on the list is Afghanistan. According to the report, any city in Afghanistan is not an ideal destination for techies to work.
For reasons well known, many parts of Afghanistan fall under the sway of extremists. Almost all cities in the country reel under threats of terror attacks.


At No. 10 on worst cities list is Iraq. The continuous war in Iraq makes the country not so ideal destination for techies. Since 2006, the place is not even safe for tourists.

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